Aircraft Maintenace And Regenration Group (AMARG)

The large facility of the Aircraft Maintenance And Regenration Group (AMARG) is devided into a number of area’s. The area’s serve different purposes (e.g. long-tem storage or reclamation).  We have used the latest AMARG inventory publications and linked the data to all the area’s below. When you click a link you will see a list of all airframes currently parked in that specific area.
When no results are shown it means that currently no aircraft are parked in this area (at least not recorded on the AMARG inventory listing).

Disclaimer: please note that the monthly FOI listings are unfortunately not always 100% accurate and may not be in accordance with the actual situation on the ground. In some cases, aircraft are added to the list some time after their actual arrival-date at the facility. Likewise, in some cases aircraft are taken off the inventory list and are placed on a so-called “sub-inventory” list. In those cases, the aircraft are still physically at the facility. Consequently, the data provided on this website can only be used as an indication of what is/or was actually present at any given date!




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Since September 2012 we are keeping track of the inventory movements at AMARG. All our previous AMARG inventory publications are available for download. Simply select the month you are looking for and download the ZIP-file. Besides the complete inventory listing, The ZIP-file consist of a locations summary listing and a quantity summary of all types (note: if a month is marked in red, it means no data is available).


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