Back in 2010 two of our reporters traveled twice to Arizona to visit Davis Monthan Air Force base and the Aircraft Maintance and Regeneration Group (AMARG). They visited the AMARG facility both from outside and inside, with a bus tour from Pima air museum. Many of the present aircraft in these yards in 2010 have been scrapped these days and almost all of these yards arround AMARG are not active anymore. Back in the nineties many of these recycling companies where packed with aircraft to be processed into Cola/Beer cans :-(. These days most of all the planes to be scrapped are processed by one single operator called HVF West LLC 

HVF West started operations in 1995 in Tucson, AZ, facility. They witnessed history when 365 B-52Gs were flown to the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center (AMARC) at Davis-Monthan Air Base in Arizona for demilitarization Bombers under the START Treaty. The bombers were stripped and sheared into five pieces; demilitarization consisted of severing the wings and cleaving the fuselages into three separate pieces; verification was provided via Russian satellite imagery. These days all kind of airplanes are from the AMARG facility are processed into beer cans…  Recent years HVF west took care of many F-4, F-111, A-6 and A-7’s 🙁

But you can still see some very old aircraft parked with these older aircraft companies who took care of all the scrapping in the past. All these companies can be found close around the Pima Air and space Museum on the south side of Davis Monthan Air force Base.

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