Muzeum Sił Powietrznych w Deblinie

The Air Force Museum in Dęblin is the largest museum facility in the region, presenting monuments of aviation technology and souvenirs related to Polish military aviation.
The museum was opened in 2011 as a tribute to aviation environments and Air Force soldiers. The location of the Museum in the immediate vicinity of the “School of Eagles” in Dęblin – the Aviation Military Academy, as well as the 4th Wing of School Aviation, is an additional attraction for aviation enthusiasts. Frequent flights of military aircraft over the exhibition provide our viewers with additional impressions.

The Air Force Museum in Dęblin is one of four museum facilities presenting individual types of armed forces, organized by the Ministry of National Defense. The mission of the institution is to disseminate historical knowledge related to the history of the Polish arms, in particular the history and tradition of the air force, anti-aircraft weapons, to popularize Polish military history and to promote the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.

The museum’s collection was created on the basis of collections of aviation technology collected by the facility, obtained through queries and transfers of equipment withdrawn from service by the Polish Army. In its collection, the museum also has unique souvenirs and gifts from former Air Force soldiers, and collector’s items.
The nearly 100-year-old Dęblin aviation tradition, as well as the most important stages of the history of Polish wings, is reflected in the main exhibition “The History of Polish Military Aviation,” which in the jubilee year of the Centenary of Polish Military Aviation underwent arrangement changes. The exhibition is arranged chronologically, presents archives, uniforms and equipment of pilots and military technicians, as well as faleristics. The exhibition is supplemented with models of aircraft and souvenirs of air units and associations related to air forces.

credit: Deblin museum webpage


ul. Lotników Polskich 1,
08-530 Dęblin
woj. lubelskie, Polska


Free Admission Tuesday 10:00 – 15:00
Other days a fee must be paid.

Openings hours

Closed on monday
Tuesday -Sunday 10:00 – 15:00



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