Dutch Helicopter Command in action

On May 12th 2021 the Dutch Helicopter Command (DHC) was perfroming multiple flying formations over the Netherlands to execute training flights for their Helicopter crews.
Four AH-64D Apache attack helicopters started their mission from Gilze Rijen Air Base in the morning to fly thei mission over the middle of the Netherlands and stoped at Lelystad airport for a lunch break
and to fill up  the fuel tanks. GMAP was able to witness the startup and departing of the AH-64’s from Lelystad back to their home base.

The other group consisted of three CH-47D Chinook helicopters performing the last multiship formation over the Netherlands because soon the new CF-47F Chinooks will take-over the duty after many years active
duty of the old Delta’s who are former Canadian Air force Chinooks. On our way to Lelystad we noticed the Chinook formation in action over Beekhuizerzand and we tried our luck with maximum result:-)

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