Exercise Falcon Autumn 2022

More than 1,000 soldiers and 37 helicopters are taking part in the Falcon Autumn exercise, which will take place from October 31 to November 18. Then the Dutch armed forces train together with other countries to prepare for large-scale airborne operations.
The participating soldiers are from 11 Airmobile Brigade, the Defense Helicopter Command, the US Army Europe and the Polish Armed Forces.

11 Airmobile Brigade is one of the most heavily trained units of the Defense Forces. Militar of the brigade can be recognized by the red beret. The Airmobile Brigade is a rapidly deployable light INFANTRY combat unit.
The brigade can be deployed within 7 to 20 days for the defense of its own allies, protection of the international legal order, disaster relief and humanitarian aid.
The Dutch brigade is part of the German Schnelle Kräfte Division. Dutch and German airmobile military personnel work side by side during the exercise.

Defense Helicopter Command
4x Chinook Transport Helicopter (CH-47 CAAS)
2x Cougar transport helicopter (AS-532U2)
4x Apache Combat Helicopter (AH-64D)
2x NH90 maritime combat helicopter (NH90)

12th CAB US Army Europe
8x CH-47F (Chinook Transport Helicopter)
8x UH-60 (Black Hawk transport helicopter)
6x AH-64D (Apache Combat Helicopter)

25th Air Cavalry Brigade
3x MI-8/MI-17 transport helicopter (MI-8/MI-17)

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