Eindhoven Air Base

On April 5, 2023, the Royal Netherlands Air Force held a change of command ceremony at Eindhoven Air Base, marking the transition of leadership for the Commander of the MRTT Fleet. For this reason several military visitors landed with their planes at EHEH.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force’s Eindhoven Air Base is a hub of military activity, with a wide variety of aircraft from around the world passing through its gates on a regular basis. From fighter jets to transport planes, Eindhoven Air Base is equipped to handle a wide range of military aircraft.
One of the primary functions of Eindhoven Air Base is to serve as a transit point for military aircraft traveling to and from other parts of Europe and the world. This means that the base sees a constant stream of foreign military aircraft passing through, often en route to other destinations.

One of the most common types of aircraft to visit Eindhoven Air Base are transport and tanker aircraft.  These aircraft are used to move troops, supplies, and equipment around the world. The base has a large runway and multiple taxiways to accommodate these planes, as well as loading and unloading areas and maintenance facilities. The base is equipped with a variety of facilities to support these aircraft, including hangars, fueling stations, and maintenance areas.