For the first time in history the National Military Museum, located at the former Soesterberg Air Force Base in the Netherlands, organized the “Aviation Days” event in the weekend of August 25 & 26th 2018.
Due to the fact the Military Museum is a combination of Air force and Army, not all exhibits are on display in the museum due to lack of space. Maybe the best collection pieces are kept in closed storage and is not accessible for the public !
For this event only they openend their storage hangars and moved almost all their planes to the the former Air Force Base ramp. Some of the planes looks like they can fly away as they are kept in very good condition.
Also for the first time they showed their T-37 Tweety bird in Unites states Air Force colors. Hopefully they will repeat these kind of events in the future… but this 2018 edition was a very good start.

PS. Don’t forget the artwork on the platform as well, when looking at it at the correct angle, it really is a nice piece of work !

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