Weapon instruction course (WIC)

In 2021 The Royal Netherlands Air Force organized again a Weapon Instruction Course (wic) for the best pilots of other NATO allies. This edition saw Belgium, Norwegian and Dutch Air Force pilots joining the course together with some external partnes like Spangdahlem F-16’s and German Typhoons who played with the students for a week.

The Weapons Instructor Course 2021 edition started in May 2021 and in almost 6 months 24 students from the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway are trained into weapons instructor. For the first time not only pilots, but also officers from other services participated in the university-level course.
In the WIC 2021, 6 programs came together. The RNLAF have worked together in the past on F-16 and C-130 platforms but this year also F-35 pilots, Patriot operators, intelligence officers and Air Battle Managers joined the WIC. The goal of this is more integration between the different weapon systems and support services and increasing
of the (tactical) knowledge and skills of the participants. The participants can not register for the WIC, but are nominated. So it’s for them extra special to be able to participate. The students start with theoretical lessons, the flight phase started at the end of May.

Leeuwarden Air Base has been the knowledge center in the field of target practice and fighter jet operations. This is due to its strategic location close to the exercise areas above the North Sea and the existing military airspace above the north of the Netherlands. But also because of the extensive facilities at the airbase and the nearby Vliehors range. Combined with the leading European expertise of the personnel in the field of fighter aircraft operations, is and remains Airbase Leeuwarden is the most suitable location for the weapons school and the WIC.

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